Who is I A.M | Tony March | New Zealand Personal Trainer

Who is I.AM?

New Zealander Tony Marsh knows a thing or two about fitness. The ex-international rugby player, ironman athlete, personal trainer and elite athlete coach has always been passionate about fitness and wellbeing.

Having been involved in the fitness industry at various levels, Tony’s long term dream was to create something that helped people achieve their health and fitness goals and feel good about themselves. 

During Tony's career working with numerous clients and alongside some of the world’s top fitness trainers, he realised a gap in the market where people struggled to connect to the right professional to help them achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

“For me, health, fitness and overall wellbeing is a way of life. It is my fix that provides me with the energy, focus, and power to be mentally and physically at my best. I want to ensure that everyone has access to such an incredible tool whenever and wherever they choose to train.”

Tony Marsh – Founder, I.AM